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How To Buy My High Domains cannabis domains

Click on the box below to request purchase or to make an offer on a domain.  Make sure to include the name of the domain you wish to purchase.  In most cases, we will respond to your request or offer within twelve hours of submission.  We will then contact you, by email or, if you prefer, by phone, with an acceptance, counter offer or if you are making a purchase request, we will give you simple instructions and we will complete your purchase expeditiously. 

Escrow.com is our preferred buying and selling platform.  It is a very easy, very safe process.  My High Domains will not need any of your banking information to complete your transaction.  

For less expensive domains, you may wish to set up a free account with our registrar and we can transfer domains to you free of charge, with only your email address. Domains must be paid for, via PayPal, prior to our transfer.  We would, of course, provide information before accepting any payment, so you can check out the registrar's process for yourself and decide if the free transfer or using Escrow.com will be right for you. 

Prices below do not include tax or transaction fees.  There is a yearly fee of $17.99, or less, associated with these (and all) domain names, payable to the registrar.

Please click the box below and message for prices on the domains listed below listed with * in place of a dollar amount.

New Domains

  • AirDouble.com
  • ARCertify.com
  • CannaStopShop.com
  • BridgeEarth.com
  • Dangerish.com
  • EarthFam.com
  • EarthGases.com
  • EarthInclusive.com
  • EarthRope.com
  • EarthTriage.com
  • EvangelicalBank.com
  • FuelChest.com
  • GalacticFly.com
  • GasChest.com
  • GasFresh.com
  • ICurrencyBank.com
  • IPDataBank.com
  • LineEarth.com
  • OnlineCryptoTrade.com
  • PowerFlies.com
  • Presidentialish.com
  • RenewFly.com
  • SpyDrop.com
  • VirusEnd.com
  • VRPsych.com
  • WindFueled.com