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If you're in the cannabis industry you have some knowledge of cannabis products.  You know the differences between THC, CBD and you know that hemp won't get you high. 

The general public however, are not all so savvy.  There are a lot of misconceptions about cannabis.  Those misconceptions keep people from trying or even supporting the use of cannabis products.

My High Domains was initially created to help businesses educate and better serve the public by offering domains that target the unknowing or afraid potential consumer.  Domains like the "Breakdowns".

The Breakdowns are a great way to educate the public.  You can break it all down with videos and images of your products and methods.  After all, your products are superior.  Right? 

Whether you have a simple, one page, website with links or you have the domains forwarded to one website CannabisBreakdown, CBDBreakdown, DabBreakdown, HempBreakdown, MarijuanaBreakdown and THCBreakdown should be yours.  You will bring in new customers, just by giving them the breakdown.



If you've thought about creating an app for this industry you are definitely not alone.  There are a lot of them out there.  Some have really cool names that are memorable with related terminology, some don't. 

You won't go wrong with these domain names though. The wording doesn't get much more precise than this.  They are super easy to remember and "My" makes them seem more individualized.  MyMarijuanaApp.com and MyMarijuanaApps.com are perfect. 

As with most plural and singular domains here, we can offer a deep discount if they are purchased together.  Message us about them.  You will not regret it. 



Look, I don't know if Cannaclysmic will be a club, a cannabis infused beverage, a brand of pre rolls or a roller coaster.  All I know is that you will be totally messed up afterwards because the experience will be Cannaclysmic.



This domain will be great for obvious reasons.  It can be a brand of smell proof packaging, an all consuming odor eliminator or child resistant containers. 

 It could be a locking cabinet, like a gun cabinet.  We have millions of bong and paraphernalia enthusiasts out there. They should have a safe place to store their prized collections. A Loud Safe will be perfect.



There will be no road rage here.  This High Traffic Area will be a party and all drivers are welcome.  

Featured Domain


CannaAnd.com.  Are you kidding me?  It doesn’t get any better than CannaAnd.  The door is left open for any other item on the planet!  Your cannabis brand, CannaAnd will be able to roll with any trend or market turn.  This domain name will be THE BEST investment you will ever make.  

Featured Domain


JuanaLift.com.  Yeah, I mocked it up with a drone.  So what if it’s not legal yet.  This is my imagination.  

Juana Lift could be more than than a drone though.  A delivery service would be the obvious choice but it could be a free ride to the dispensary or the prescribing physician‘s office.  It could be a service provided by your business to prevent impaired driving.  Which would show your community how much they mean to you and that they can also trust you to provide them with quality products and services with public safety in mind.

 Juana Lift could also be an energy drink or shot, or a tasty, breakfast muffin that will get you moving on those sluggish mornings.

 Juana Lift?

  Well, yes I do, thank you very much friend.



MarijuanaMagicians.com.  I'd be willing to bet that they put on a better performance than David Copperfield. Maybe the Marijuana Magicians could show their customers how they process their marijuana products on a simple one page website on this added domain MarijuanaMakesMagic.com.  



Like Midevil Times right?  But without the lances and violence and turkey legs.  Smokers are a friendly bunch and they'd rather have chicken fingers and brownies.  They also prefer the strong odor of skunk to horse shit.



HighsRUs.com.  Who wouldn't want to shop here.  I'd rather get a HighsRUs bud.  No, you were supposed to sing it. 



Feelin good in the neighborhood.  weekly $1 "special" dessert promotions. Funniest home videos, Impractical Jokers and Ridiculousness playing on every big screen. It'll be great.  



You know exactly how hungry that is.  Will 420 Hungry be a freaky, fast, food delivery service?  A line of delicious, quick, frozen foods made to satisfy the hungriest kind of hunger ever felt by humans?



Edibles247.com.  A customer could have access to ordering your products 247 (until it can be sold 247 everwhere). They can order any time and delivery or pick up can be scheduled. Easy name to remember.  Edibles247.com