Make money. This is a pic of $100 dollar bills.

Share On Social Media

Share On Social Media

Share On Social Media

Please share this website, MyHighDomains, and all tweets and posts on all social media.  If someone you’ve shared with purchases a domain, you will receive a finders fee of 15% of the domain purchase price if you follow us on social media, paid via PayPal, CashApp or Zelle. This can add up to a nice bonus, domains can sell for thousands of dollars and that finders fee can fatten up your wallet.  

If you share with someone and they share with a buyer, you and your friend who shared can split the finders fee (that has to be decided between the two of you).  We will pay to one PayPal account or split the finders fee between two PayPal accounts (minus PayPal fees).

The purchaser must include the name and email address (if possible) and or social media user name of the sharer(s) in their original domain bid.

You may not have anyone on your friends list in need of a domain name right now (that you know of anyway) but you never know who your friends will share your post with. 

Thousands of domains are bought and sold everyday so share for your share of it. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, PLEASE, SHARE.

Give Aways. This is a pic of the earth with lighted connections.

We could give you the world (wide web).

Share On Social Media

Share On Social Media

On the 20th of every month My High Domains will give away a domain.  All followers on social media are entered.  Every like earns 1 entry.  EVERY SHARE OR RETWEET EARNS 2 ENTRIES.  (follows, likes, and share on each social media platform are separate and earn entries for each)

Newly implemented, you can now earn 2 entries for letting us know what you think about My High Domains listings.  Like your favorite,  least favorite, which one you think is the coolest, catchiest, dumbest, most over or underpriced domains on our listings page.  Whatever you think about these domain names, we would love to hear it.  

If you win, you can use your winning domain  to connect with the world through the internet with a web page or full website for a business or blog or whatever you wish, or you may chose to sell it, it’s cool, it doesn't matter, it'll be yours do with what you want.  

All that is needed to claim your domain is a free account with the domain registrar.  Then, My High Domains will transfer your domain to you via email.  

You are not obligated, in any way, to keep your domain with the current registrar. or to use any of the hosting, website building or selling services that they offer.

There are absolutely no fees or charges to claim or collect your winning domain and your email address will not be shared or used for any reason other than necessary communication regarding your domain (unless you've otherwise requested).