Support These Sellers

Support These Sellers. This pic is a woman in a dress, wearing boots, holding an umbrella.

  We started this “Support These Sellers“ page because we‘ve seen a need for it.  Chronic illness warriors have struggles that the average healthy person can’t comprehend.  Many have to work from home because its hard to keep a 9-5 due to the unpredictability of their diseases. Some, like our friends below, work their strengths while tending to their weaknesses and we can help ease their burdens by supporting their services and goods.


We will provide free space, with no fees or commission, to these warriors and add sellers to this page until it fills up. 


We’ve done our part, please do yours. 🤗

Britt Clark

Home Grown Rich. Writing services and more by Britt Clark.

Hello, I’m Britt and I’m the founder of I blog about my life with lupus and my health related issues.

I blog to inspire others going through similar things and love helping chronic illness warriors find ways to work from home. I also run a professional development shop on Etsy where I help people from all walks of life create awesome resumes and LinkedIn profiles to help them land their dream jobs.

Backyard Clay

Backyard Clay. This pic is a display cabinet with clay pipes in it.

I‘m a disabled veteran. My wife and I own Backyard Clay. See our unique, handmade ceramic pipes on Etsy.

Cranky Cyborg.

My name is Matt. I go by Cranky Cyborg on Twitter and Instagram. “Laughing Through My Pain“ is my motto as I’ve been disabled since 2000 with chronic pain and degenerative disc disease after smashing my back in a fall. 

Im trying to supplement my disability income with T-shirt’s, mugs, hats and more with my sarcastic humor and beginning design skills.